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The school started out as a play-group for the first year (1999), and since then it has run as a full Montessori nursery school catering for children from the age of 18 months to 5 years old.




As the name implies, this is a small school, where the environment revolves around small children thereby resembling a “home-from-home” situation. There is also a very low ratio of child to teacher.

During school hours, in addition to the usual Montessori work, the children have baking, pottery, music, yoga, soccer and swimming lessons, which are taught by outside  teachers.

In conjunction with Montessori programme, we use Kumon and Phonographix teaching methodologies.

As is the norm in Montessori schools the ages of the children are varied. This mixing of ages allows the younger children to emulate the older ones and the older children to build self-confidence by helping the younger children.



Little Montessori Pre-School strives to:

  • offer a home-from-home environment where children are given the freedom to learn and grow as individuals;
  • to provide each child with self-confidence, self-motivation and independence; and
  • to have an open and honest relationship with the parents.