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Montessori Academy. Lesley has been teaching for the last 20 years and has been the Owner and Headmistress at Little Montessori for the last 17 years Lesley has First Aid and CPR training.





Regina qualified at Modern Montessori College. She has been working at Little Montessori for the last 8 years Regina is a qualified learn-to-swim teach and is a professional baby swimming teacher Regina has also taught aqua-aerobics for 20 years Regina does CPR refresher courses every 6 months and a First Aid course every year.




Patricia has worked at Little Montessori for since May 2014 Patricia assists with Kumon and facilitates the student’s activities throughout the school day Patricia takes the form of a teacher’s assistant but will also help the children with their day-to-day needs.






  • “is a remarkably simple, yet highly effective approach to reading instruction and intervention.”


  • The Phono-graphix method (www.readamerica.net/page9alink.asp) basically takes the 43 sounds of the English language and in careful stages teaches the various symbols (refered to as sound pictures) that are used to represent those sounds. We know these symbols as letters or combinations of letters.


For further information about Maria Montessori and how she developed this education system, please see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXqeTYHn0p4
BBC Documentary.


The essential difference is that the individual child is promoted, moved forward to a further level rather than the class being promoted as a groups.