Montessori Parkview



“Since his very first day James has loved Little Montessori, over the last year he has grown into a confident little boy who can’t wait to go to school to play and learn with all his friends”

Dr Erica Shaddock


Our son Zain has attended little Montessori for the last year and we couldn’t be happier. He has thrived under the care of Lesley and her caring team and his confidence has grown exponentially since he has joined the school. The children are treated as individuals and given space to develop at their own pace and he looks forward to attending school on a daily basis.

Graham and Nida


We love Lesley and team, such a caring individualised environment where Josh can develop either ahead or behind the curve with no judgement and nothing but support. 

Mixing with both younger and older children has taught him such valuable social skills and how to share and work together. 

We are constantly amazed at what comes out of Josh’s mouth based on a new topic at school and his random facts that he picks up! Thanks team for loving our little boy so much! 

Simone and Craig


An incredible school that has truly nurtured my children and allowed them to blossom.

We are constantly amazed at what they tell us they have learnt that day! We often have to google things so we are on the same page as the kids!!

Lesley, Regina and Patricia make you feel like you’re part of a family. Nothing is too much to ask of Lesley and she is always thinking about the kids and giving parents feedback!!

With Jackson’s Montessori journey about to end and Madeline’s about to begin we could not be happier for both of them that this is where they got their start in their educational lives.

Nandi and Brett Ross


One, two and three kids later… I could not have been blessed with a better place to start my kids’ education journey. What I love most about Little Montessori, is the attention to detail, the continual improvements in curriculum, the Kumon, the early eye checks, the baking, the science and they way they always demand their old kids back! It is just such a lovely second home…even when school is out. And because my kids know everything from planets to crania and oesophagus by the age of four, I will keep bringing them back and bring back more. I look forward to seeing what you do with baby number four Les! I’m not sure I’ll ever leave…

Makhotso and Kabelo


We first heard about the Little Montessori Parkview Pre-Primary School from close friends of ours that were extremely satisfied with their decision to send their daughter to the school. To echo their sentiments, our two children have thoroughly enjoyed and thrived during their time at the school. Initial drawcards for us as parents included the cleanliness and extensiveness of school facilities and accompanying play areas. Most importantly we appreciate the kind and nurturing environment that Lesley and her team have provided during this critical early development stage of our little ones, no doubt providing them with ideal foundation from which to grow.

Drs I. Ketseoglou and M, Killick


The Little Montessori Parkview is an incredible school. We have the fondest memories of our daughter developing and growing in those important early years. The learning environment is Montessori based, motivational and fun fostering a love of learning and play.There is particular focus on the social aspect of their development as well, where wonderful skills such as helping others, sharing and kindness are nutured. The teachers are top class and I have often been stunned by my daughter explaining various things to me like how a volcano errupts and how the lungs work! It’s a school that we go back to and visit because of all the bonds formed, that says a lot!

Shauna and Ian McCutcheon


Little Montessori in Parkview is a beautiful, well maintained, relaxed environment that fosters holistic learning for children by working diligently with their individual talents and treating their differences with nurturing respect. 

As a family, we as parents, went to school on the coast so we did an exhaustive search based on our criteria to find the schools we most resonated with when we moved to Joburg. In fact after ten years in another suburb, our decision to purchase a property close to the schools we liked was catalysed by the lovely meeting with Lesley and Regina and the warm welcome they gave our family in viewing the school. We spent quality time with them that day and needless to say my daughter is now finally a happy member of the Little Montessori family. 

There are a few key elements to the school’s value proposition that are worth mentioning:

  • Safety

– Lesley and Regina went out of their way during the lockdown to reach out to children with home delivered activity packs etc.

– There are also strict safety measures for children and parents alike that have been put in place, in response to the pandemic. 

 Respect for people 

– Little Montessori exudes respect for people, regardless of race, background or religion and creates the ‘belonging’ of a family that the children easily sense and thrive in. 

Values & Discipline

– In these modern times, the school instils the Montessori values as well as the teachers’ love for nature. 

– A healthy level of discipline is evident.  

  • Investment

– Lesley has dedicated more than meets the eye to the school. There are many untold sacrifices that I assume, go into the kind of environment that has hand-written weekly reports to parents, regular new features to the schools play area (my daughter told me yesterday with great excitement about the new sandpit) even with current safety restrictions.  One can underestimate the great energy it takes behind the scenes to manage an active parent and student community with their best interest at heart through the family’s journey with the school. Lesley cares about how the child’s home environment impacts their school life and positively influences that balance. 

In short, the team that run the school each play a pivotal role in rearing well-rounded, balanced children who are able to identify their talents sooner than later. They take the time to invest in each little student like a seed in the garden of Little Montessori. The Parks vicinity tend to have many good schools, this one has something special that is worth experiencing.

Sharon and Farouk


The teachers are nurturing and loving while providing the structure and guidance a child needs. The small class ensures excellent involvement between teacher and child. 

The combination of the Montessori teaching methods and philosophy along with great staff contributed to my daughter’s growth and development.

Jayshika and Vimal


My daughter has been at little Montessori Parkview for just under 1 year. The pre-school came recommended to me from a friend. My daughter is flourishing under the care of Lesley, Sandra, and the team. It’s such a lovely learning environment. The attention the children get is evident in the learning progress made.

Helen and Theunis


Our time at Little Montessori started in September 2012, when our 2-year-old gentle and creative daughter joined the school. Nearly six years later, our sporty outgoing son completed his last term at the school.

Little Montessori has provided a nurturing and challenging space for each of our children to flourish. Our children’s weeks were filled with activities, baking, science experiments, fun and learning. There was never any shortage of hugs, comfort, and laughs. I have seen my little people transform into confident self-reliant individuals well equipped for their new adventures in primary school.

All of the staff at the school were committed to our children’s well-being and development. We will always be grateful to them. Lesley has been a sensitive and present support for our family as our children suffered two periods of bereavement while at the school. Lesley was also of immense help during the stressful period of selecting and obtaining entry into primary schools.

Rosalia and Brynn


My first-born was 20 months when we started at Little Montessori Parkview. I had never left my daughter with “strangers” before…but from the first introduction she walked up to “Gina” and became attached to her hip ♡ 4 months later my son was born, and he was in and out of the preschool from day one. We were part of the family. There was never any doubt in my mind that my children were not given the best education and enormous amounts of love.

They were both accepted at the private schools of our choice. Their empathy and kindness has been remarked upon and this is something Montessori encourages.

 We started with Lesley in 2012 and we are still part of the family. It is a home away from home ♡ Thanks for giving my children the best start….and a nervous mum the most incredible support.

Cathy and Jason


My daughter has been at little Montessori Parkview for just under 1 year. The Pre-school came recommended to me from a friend. My daughter is flourishing under the care of Lesley, Sandra and the team. It’s such a lovely learning environment. The attention the children get is evident in the learning progress made.