Tiny Tumbles

The children are taught a combination of gymnastics and pole movements. The instructor is an ex-Springbok and pole dancing champion. The pole movements help give the children an experience into acra pole which they would not get anywhere else.

Baker man

The idea of this activity is that the child who is ‘baker man’ bakes something at home and brings it to school to sell to the other children. The idea of this is to teach the children about the exchange of money for an item.

Yoga Stars

This is a kiddie version of adult yoga. It teaches the children the idea of correct breathing techniques and the various poses that you find in yoga. Yoga exposes the children to core-strengthening exercises and gives them tools in which to keep calm.

Packed Lunch

Once a week the children bring a packed lunch to school which is in addition to the normal snack they received at school. The idea behind this is that the children bring food that they can share with each other.

Tiny Tunes

The children learn various songs and music to movement. They are also introduced to various musical instruments, rhythms, dance steps, and acting techniques.

Science experiments

The children are introduced to a variety of science experiments. They get to see the experiments being demonstrated. These experiments are interactive – the children get to get their hands dirty and science becomes fun.


The children get to do various baking activities – and get to eat the final product.

Little League Soccer

The children learn various ball skills and techniques. Soccer stars are created early.